Construction of two wind turbines at Unilin Insulation site in Feluy

Construction work on the two wind turbines next to the Unilin Insulation factory in Feluy (Seneffe) is in full swing. 

09 November 2021

Construction work on the two wind turbines next to the Unilin Insulation factory in Feluy (Seneffe) is in full swing. From 2022, 71% of the energy it uses will be sustainably produced. The project was officially inaugurated by Mayor Jacques Gobert on 9 November when the press was able to visit the impressive construction site for the first time.

Large capacity for green energy

The two wind turbines have an output of 7.2 MW and will each produce 16 GWh per year. This is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of around 5,500 homes. This green energy production will avoid the emission of almost 6,400 tons of CO2 per year. By way of comparison, it is equivalent to the emissions from 3,200 diesel cars! Work started in August 2021 with the construction of the new access roads. The foundations are currently being laid and erection of the turbines will start in January 2022. We anticipate that the first green energy will be flowing to our factory in April 2022! 

Local and sustainable

The wind turbines are being built on our factory site by ENGIE and will be operated by Wind4Wallonia. This public-private partnership links ENGIE and five intermunicipal cooperative companies in Wallonia. The local aspect of this project is therefore of exceptional importance. Wanty, a local company from Binche, was also contracted for the civil engineering work.

The energy generated by the turbines will provide almost three-quarters of the energy needs of our factory. Furthermore, many local families and other customers will also be able to enjoy sustainable power.

Sustainable power for sustainable insulation

At Unilin Insulation, we are extremely enthusiastic about the arrival of the wind turbines. After all, the use of sustainable electricity fits in perfectly with our sustainable vision for the future. Since 71% of our factory will soon be operating on green energy, we are making a huge step forwards.

In addition, the gains for the climate are two-fold. The generation of renewable energy is a great plus point which will make our production process more sustainable. In turn, the thermal insulation we manufacture considerably reduces heat loss in homes and buildings. In this way, we are playing our part towards a sustainable future!