Colleagues across the globe embrace lifelong learning

At Unilin lifelong learning and development are not hollow words. Thanks to training courses, knowledge sharing with colleagues and on-the-job experience, our employees across the globe grow every single day.

28 March 2024

Our vision on lifelong learning has been given a name: The Dive. It represents delving into info, exploring, immersing ourselves in knowledge and continuing to evolve. Sarah Young, Jonathan Flynn and Aswat Ibrahim tell you all about how this can effectively change your job.

In a nutshell:

  • Sarah Hamilton Young is a Customer Service Manager at Unilin Insulation UK and Ireland. She recently enrolled in a People Management Programme at The Dive, our training centre in Wielsbeke, Belgium.


  • Jonathan Flynn is Manager Operations & Engineering at Unilin Insulation UK and Ireland. He also took the People Management Programme at The Dive.


  • Aswat Ibrahim is a Production Supervisor at Unilin Flooring in Malaysia. He took a course to qualify as a certified professional in scrubber operation (CePSO).



Why did you enrol in a course?

Sarah: “With every training I take the basic premise is the same: does this contribute to the success of my team? I honestly believe that honing my interpersonal and leadership skills makes me a better team manager.”

Jonathan: “Like Sarah I grasp every opportunity to improve my leadership skills. I’m glad I got to follow the People Management Programme because the approach to people management is different than the courses I’ve taken in the past. The ability to adapt your leadership style is the key to success.

Aswat: “Here in Malaysia we needed someone who is certified to operate the scrubber in order to meet existing regulations. I chose this course because I am responsible for a process involving air purifier systems. I also see this as an opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience that can help me get ahead in the future.”

How did the training benefit you on a professional level?

Sarah: “The People Management Programme handed me new tools to help me manage my team. I have a better understanding of how to make better use of the interactions with colleagues and how I can adjust my management style to different personality types and skill levels. All of this has led to a more positive work environment, higher team productivity and more committed employees. It was also great fun and instructive to exchange experiences with the other participants and to meet Unilin colleagues whom I would never get to know otherwise.”

Jonathan: “The self-evaluation exercise at the beginning of the training gave me a more profound insight into my personal leadership style and made me more aware of how I can adapt to different styles and be a better manager for my team. I learned new skills on giving feedback, coaching and situational leadership that I now implement on a daily basis. It was also great to share experiences and have open discussions with Unilin colleagues from various disciplines and strengthen my network with like-minded colleagues from across the globe.”

Aswat: “The training has given me the necessary knowledge and skills to make optimal use of the scrubber. This is necessary because that machine is our primary air purification tool. All I have to do now is pass an exam to obtain the full certificate.”

Was it feasible to combine the training with your job?

Sarah: “It was pretty tough but being able to attend the sessions during work hours and work more flexibly definitely helped. The combination was made easier by the fact that I could immediately put the new concepts into practice on the work floor.”

Jonathan: “Making time for training is crucial for our company. Combining work and training can be challenging but acquiring new skills remains of paramount importance. Fortunately I gained some time by immediately applying what I’d learned.

What is your stance on the concept of lifelong learning?

Sarah: “For me lifelong learning is of vital importance for career growth and success. How else can you effectively handle the dynamic challenges of managing a team? By keeping up to speed myself I’m also fostering a culture of continuous development in my team.

Jonathan: “Thanks to the training I can set the right example and better support my teams.”

Aswat: “I’m a fan. The offering helps me grow, both on a professional and a personal level. The hands-on approach also makes it easier to immediately apply what you’ve learned. A win-win for everyone, in other words.”

Is there a new training course on your wish list yet?

Sarah: “I’m always on the lookout for interesting training programmes but right now I’m focusing on my master’s in business administration, also with support from Unilin.”

Jonathan: “Not right now but I have other ways of keeping up with the latest, for instance by staying in touch with colleagues I met in training.”

Aswat: “Absolutely! I’m interested in any training that will boost my competencies.”


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