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A healthy, comfortable and sustainable living environment is more important than ever. The products we make must provide added value to our customers, without compromising on health, comfort or sustainability.

Sustainable building

Our building materials help our customers to live more sustainably.

Better insulation

Our PIR insulation panels and roofing supplies increase our customers’ comfort at home and help them to save energy at the same time.

Carbon storage

Our many wood products are also a sustainable choice for a construction or renovation project. The majority of our products are made from reclaimed or recycled wood. Wood is in any case a renewable material that naturally stores carbon.

Safe, comfortable and beautiful living spaces

Our products are not only beautiful, but they also bring comfort and ensure a healthier living environment.

Safe and healthy

We work to achieve good air quality by, for example, limiting emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The materials in our homes emit substances such as formaldehyde or benzene. We are committed to limiting those emissions, beyond what is required by current regulations.

Beautiful and comfortable

By using beautiful products and good-quality materials, we contribute to the quality of life of our customers. We focus on acoustics, ergonomics and designs that are not only contemporary but also biophilic. By doing so, we connect with nature, which is more important today than ever before.

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