The road to circularity: recycling and more recycling

In addition to reclaimed wood, Unilin Group is strongly committed to recycled wood for its new products. For example, our chipboard consists of 90% recycled wood. This gives the wood several lives, keeps it in the supply chain for longer and keeps the CO₂ inside the wood out of the air for longer.
Recycling wood

Unilin Group is Belgium's largest wood recycling company

Today, Unilin Group is the largest wood recycling company in Belgium. Our chipboard currently consists of more than 90% recycled wood already. We now want to do the same for other product categories to improve our performance even more. 

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World first: large-scale MDF recycling 

In its quest for circularity, Unilin Group was the first company in the world to recycle MDF boards on an industrial scale. This ground-breaking achievement means that almost 400,000 tonnes of CO₂ is kept locked inside wood fibre every year.

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