Filling 450 vacancies: a mission impossible?

Unilin Group is looking to hire 450 new colleagues to realize strong growth ambitions and launches an ambitious, international recruitment campaign "The Unimpossibles"!

15 September 2021

Unilin Group is looking to hire no fewer than 450 new colleagues (of which 350 in Belgium). Fully aware of the need to invest in its name awareness as an employer, Unilin Group is now launching its first international media campaign: the ‘Unimpossibles’. This major recruitment campaign is aimed at filling all 450 vacancies. Impossible? Not according to the Unilin Group.


The combination of last year’s sweeping renovations and the trend towards more sustainable living that has been gathering momentum for years, boosted the Unilin Group’s second quarter results (+67.8% turnover compared to Q2 2020). Despite these record figures the Unilin Group has voiced concerns about finding enough talent to support its growth. The company has its headquarters in the province of West Flanders, traditionally a very active region with a very tight labour market. As a result, Unilin Group has been confronted with the war for talent for many years. However, the competition for new talent has reached an all-time high. A survey by employers’ organisation VOKA has shown that 2 in 3 companies looking for new talent are experiencing even greater difficulties than usual to find suitable staff.


Unilin Group CEO Bernard Thiers“Our main concern is finding enough fresh talent in the coming years. As we continue to innovate, we also continue to grow. Over the next two years we are planning €160 million of additional investments. These investments are essential if our research, development and production are to remain anchored in Belgium. Without additional strong talent we will not be able to realise our ambitious growth plans. Investments in our business culture and name awareness as an employer have become pure necessity.”


Unilin Group devotes a great of deal of time and energy to the continued development of its staff. Staff can acquire new competencies in different training programmes in order to specialise or give their career a new direction. Also, under the motto ‘training is the new recruitment’ Unilin Group invests in the in-house training of people who have the right motivation but who have not yet acquired the right skills. For instance, if you’re interested to work as a forklift driver but you’re not licensed to drive one yet then despite your lack of experience you can enrol in a training course at Unilin Group itself in preparation of a job with the international company.


Nick Leenaert, Talent Director for the Unilin Group, explains the campaign: “Unilin Group has a strong corporate culture centered around entrepreneurship, passion, excellence and respect. Our people can do anything they put their mind to.With ‘Unilin Unimpossibles’ we aim to raise the Unilin Group’s profile as an employer. Recent campaigns have focused on the southern part of West Flanders but now we are targeting talent from all across Belgium and even from abroad. Mission impossible? No. The ability to kick it up a gear just when things get tough is embedded in our corporate DNA. Never quit, just try harder! This typical Unilin spirit also reflects the vibe of our new campaign."