Unilin Group strengthens its base in Brazil

Unilin Group has been active in the Brazilian market since 2012 through a Joint Venture. End 2020 the company became fully owned by Unilin Group.

09 April 2021

Unilin Flooring has been active in the Brazilian market since 2012 through a Joint Venture. End 2020 the company became fully owned by Unilin and was renamed Unilin do Brasil with offices in Piên (production & logistics) and Sao Paulo (sales & marketing). 

"We are very positive about the fact that we are now 100% Unilin. Actually, we have been working towards it for years. For us it means that we can take larger steps within the Brazilian market and further differentiate ourselves in the laminate market."
Carlo Rego (General Manager)

"The transition gives us the assurance that we will now be able to invest and grow on an even larger scale, that we are focused on the future and on progress."
Waldyr Leite (Operations Manager)

Team of 70 people

Almost 70 people work at Unilin do Brasil. When the joint venture was launched, laminate was sold under the Floorest brand. Quick-Step was hardly known in Brazil at the time. With the arrival of Unilin, the focus gradually shifted to Quick-Step and Floorest became a B brand.

"Since 2017 we have been 100% committed to Quick-Step. With Quick-Step we can leverage a number of important advantages such as water resistance and scratch resistance. This allows us to really differentiate ourselves from others in the market"
says Alice Oliveira (Marketing Manager)

"In 2012, when the joint venture started, I immediately felt the impact of Unilin: the values, the motivation to meet new challenges, the ambitious plans for the future. That was a huge boost for me and for everyone. To continue on that path now, we can only applaud it!"
Bruna Moreira (Supply Chain Analyst)

Rene also notes an evolution under the influence of Unilin in the field of safety.

"Safety has always played an important role and was a strong point within Arauco, but with Unilin and more specifically the Zero-Harm program we get extra support. Fundamentally, the approach or vision has not changed, but we are now provided with the tools and techniques to make safety even more alive, within all layers of the company."
Rene Oliveira (Production Supervisor)

What will the future bring?

"We have plans to keep growing with Quick-Step in Brazil and increase our market share. And possibly also expand outside Brazil. We are convinced that with Unilin do Brasil and the enthusiastic and passionate team we will be able to further expand our Quick-Step brand in Brazil and the rest of Latin America!"
Waldyr Leite (Operations Manager)