Two new wind turbines in Feluy (Insulation) generate green energy for Unilin Group

In the pursuit of our ambition of becoming a carbon neutral company by 2050 (One Home), we are proud to announce the commissioning of two new wind turbines.

11 May 2022

In the pursuit of our ambition of becoming a carbon neutral company by 2050 (One Home), we are proud to announce the commissioning of two new wind turbines. At Unilin Insulation in Feluy, the green power from two new wind turbines will cover more than 70% of the site’s energy demand.


Now completed, the giant wind turbines that grew gradually these past months in Feluy (Insulation) stand 180 metres tall. They have a combined power of 7.2 MW and will produce close to 16 GWh of electricity per year. This is the equivalent of the power consumption of approximately 5,500 families and will cover 71% of the plant’s energy demand. Families and other local customers will also have access to green power. 


Not the first wind turbines

The construction of the wind turbines – by ENGIE – was a veritable feat of engineering that required meticulous coordination, especially since the Unilin Insulation plant had to remain operational all the way through. “Dozens of times we had to divert traffic at our site. Fortunately everyone was very understanding”, says Ludovic Ver Eecke, Technical Leader Maintenance at Unilin Insulation.


The wind turbines in Feluy are not the first the Unilin Group has had built. There are three at the IVC site in Avelgem as well. Our One Home sustainability strategy places a strong focus on renewable energy. This is crucial if we are to meet our targets: a 42% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030 and becoming fully climate neutral by 2050.

Today 43% of our energy is generated from green sources but we want to keep growing that share. That is why for all Unilin Group sites, local energy teams are researching the best way to supply sustainable energy. Sometimes solar panels are the best option but biomass plants are also in the picture.



In Feluy we opted for wind turbines “because of the higher power and availability”, plant manager Sébastien Hennart explains. The green power makes the production process of our insulation more environment-friendly which, in turn, makes homes and other commercial buildings more energy-efficient. Win-win all around.


At the moment we are looking into the possibility of building wind turbines at other sites as well. For every potential project our experts carry out extensive research and draw up a risk and impact assessment to also determine the effect on the neighbourhood. And that is how we continue to take steps towards our goal of carbon neutrality.