Kevin’s training programme: preparation for foreign experience

Unilin Group invests a great deal in staff training. The object can be to deepen or broaden expertise, or to help staff grow in their current position.

18 January 2023

Kevin enrolled in a training course with a view to his foreign work experience. Upon graduating as a civil engineer he opted for an initial work experience at Unilin Group, precisely because of the foreign career possibilities. “I’m young and unattached and this is the time to do it.”

Kevin in a nutshell

Name: Kevin De Gersem

Age: 24

Position: Hired in 2020 as a production engineer at Unilin Flooring in Belgium; took up a new challenge after 7 months as a project engineer for Unilin Flooring in Malaysia.

Object of the training programme: Kevin followed an intensive 4-month training programme to start in Malaysia as a project engineer. The training sessions were geared to the challenges he would face in his new work environment.

His motto: Standing still is moving backwards. He shares that mindset with his colleagues in Malaysia. “We share a phenomenal drive and commitment to bring our projects to a successful conclusion together. We truly are one big happy family.”

Personal insight: Progress is made not by doing everything on your own but by getting everyone on board with your philosophy.

What did your training programme look like?

“I was recruited to implement solutions to problems that had been plaguing Unilin Flooring Malaysia for a long time. That is why my learning path in the various departments here in Belgium focused entirely on helping me get off to a good start over there. The potential problem areas, solutions and best practices I learned in Belgium stood me in good stead in Malaysia.

I also had a say in my training curriculum: based on the info I received from Malaysia I took additional trainings and engaged in self-study on top of the training programme Unilin Group had drawn up for me.”

In what areas would you like to improve?

“I would like to continue developing my people skills to become better at handling different cultures and other people. If this had been an area of interest during my preparation I probably would have made faster progress in certain areas.”

What are your thoughts on the training-oriented approach at Unilin Group?

“Super positive! If you indicate your knowledge level is insufficient to handle certain problems adequately Unilin Group responds by organising a range of training courses. You really do receive the support you need to become better at your job.”

What’s next after Malaysia?

“I get the sense that my work in Malaysia is not over yet but when I leave here I would like to work in a different part of the world for Unilin Group.”

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