Technicians Erik, Jonathan and Rafal: the gears that make the machine run

No technicians means no smooth production processes. Tackling malfunctions is just one of the many things they do. Meet Erik, Jonathan and Rafal.

07 May 2024

No technicians means no smooth production processes. Tackling malfunctions is just one of the many things they do. Like no other, they know the machines inside out. They don't see problems, only challenges and solutions. Meet Erik, Jonathan and Rafal.

In the spotlight:

  • Erik de Laat is a Technical Leader at Unilin Insulation in Oisterwijk, the Netherlands. With 28 years of seniority, Erik is the most experienced technician of the trio. 
  • Jonathan Nuttin started in 2023 as a technician at Unilin Flooring in Avelgem, Belgium. In his spare time he likes to tinker with computers and domotics.
  • Last year automation engineer Rafal Wojciechowski was recruited by Unilin Flooring in Lublienic, Poland. 

The power of curiosity 

They work with different products or machines but they share a common approach to technical issues. Erik: “I always go back to basics to tackle the problem at its source. By identifying the cause you can keep it from happening again.” They feel this innate curiosity makes them good technicians. “Curiosity is sometimes described as a negative characteristic but it’s an asset in my book. It motivates me to keep searching and researching”, says Jonathan.

Research leads to fresh knowledge 

Research leads to knowledge, enabling you to prevent problems. Rafal: “Our company was taken over by Unilin in 2022 and this led to a great deal of innovation. I am still learning the finer details of the production process to deepen my understanding of how our product is made and why. This deepens my knowledge of the machine and teaches me how to prevent certain problems.”

Collaboration for an innovative approach 

Rafal hopes that greater knowledge leads to simpler and more transparent processes. Or to answers on how to scale up production or the ability to adapt a product. Those are the kinds of challenges Erik and his team like to sink their teeth into. “That’s the best part of my job, working with my young team to find answers to challenging questions. My team is just as driven as I am. The fun part is also that I get to share my knowledge and experience with them.”

Jonathan also sees a great deal of added value in the collaboration with his colleagues from the technical department. “By putting our heads together we come up with more efficient solutions to problems. We also try to develop safer work methods. I learn a lot from my colleagues and I like to share my knowledge with them. To me, sharing knowledge is the key to a high-performing technical team.”


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