Dylan and Suria’s passion

Ensuring safety on the shop floor or creating the best products: it takes passion. Dylan and Suria explain why.

02 May 2023

Ensuring safety on the shop floor or creating the best products: it takes passion. Dylan and Suria explain why.

Dylan Lagrange is a safety ambassador at Unilin Flooring in Wielsbeke, Belgium. On the other side of the world we find Suria Khamis, quality controller (QA Auditor) at Unilin Flooring, Malaysia.


Why did you choose passion as your value?

Dylan: “Because I am passionate about my job as safety ambassador. The more time I spend on safety, the more attention I pay to it and the more I want to learn about the subject. I am super happy in my job and it doesn’t even feel like work (laughs). My ultimate motivation: striving for zero industrial accidents with absence from work. Meanwhile we’re at 15 months without industrial accidents with absence from work, and counting.”
Suria: “For me it’s the value that matches most closely with my personal values. I have an unwavering belief that passion is the cornerstone of excellence at work and helps you manufacture top-notch products that appeal to your customers.”

How do you translate your passion to your job?

Dylan: “My colleagues know that if they ask me something they can be confident I’ll make it happen. I take charge of my responsibilities and ensure the necessary follow-up until the job is done. I also wear my passion on my sleeve. I walk around with a big smile all day.”
Suria: “Through the passion for our products. Our products must be of impeccable quality for our customers to be happy, something I always impress upon my colleagues in production. I train them to pay attention to quality in every stage of the process.” 

Can you give us an example that illustrates your passion?

Dylan: “I remember an assessment interview with a new colleague after a zero-harm risk review. He said that our safety policy was the reason why he chose to work at Unilin. That stuck. Because if new colleagues are concerned with safety at work from day one then I don’t have to convince them and my job is half done.”
Suria: “I am very proud of the concept of quality and safe working methods I’ve developed. This RRB system (reject, rework, b-grade) results in fewer rejected, reworked and second-rate products. Meanwhile we’ve set up a similar system to evaluate the performance of every process within 24 hours.”

 Where do you get the energy to keep feeding your passion?

Dylan: “From successful projects. When something is finished and everyone is satisfied with the result then I’m happy as well. That motivates me to keep going.”
Suria: “After the introduction of a method for change, the level of quality improves. Everyone appreciates the results and that boosts my energy levels to work even harder.”


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