We foster a culture of boldness

We all share a unique way of working: the Unilin way.
Our company culture is built on 4 strong pillars: Passion, entrepreneurship, excellence and respect. This allows us to innovate, to take initiative, to push boundaries.

The Unilin Way: a unique company culture built on 4 strong pillars




"When a mistake is made, we don’t search for the guilty party, but look for a solution together. It's okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them."

Sylvie - Customer Service






"The first thing I notice when I enter a room is the floor. "

Christophe - R&D





"We question everything and don't take no for an answer."

Dieter - Operations







"We are not traders, but innovators and educators, we offer service and solutions to our customers." 

Niall - Sales






"We colour
outside the lines."

Stefaan - Supply chain





"We give our opinion and share our thoughts and ideas. No matter how small or big an idea is, at the end of the road it makes a difference."

Dmytro - Sales












"We take ownership, we are not afraid to take initiative, even if it is beyond our job description."

Laurent - R&D