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Passion, entrepreneurship, excellence and respect. These 4 values are also clearly reflected in the UNILIN staff. We thrive on change and innovation. We always want to do better and perfection is the norm. Our employees will show you who we are in an authentic way. Get to know us.

Keith Pollet

Forklift Truck Driver

"I joined UNILIN 6 years ago. I had never driven a forklift truck before. UNILIN gave me the opportunity to learn. I like to share the knowledge I gained over the years, so that we can continue to build a strong team."

Melany Nollet

SAP Finance Consultant

"UNILIN gives its employees a lot of opportunities to develop their careers. After 5 years I  have the chance to take on more responsibility by combining my current position with a place in the SAP Masterdata Team. I am looking forward to it."

Kurt Waelkens

Team Manager

"Every day is different and can't be predicted, with new challenges every time. By ensuring good collaboration within the department and with the colleagues of other departments, we successfully achieve our objectives."

Sylvie Vanhaelewijn

Customer Service Manager

"Our team handles the processing and monitoring of orders, arranges transport and is responsible for following up  complaints. The job is extremely fascinating and challenging. It is very important to offer a fast, accurate and professional service."

Unique company culture

All UNILIN divisions share a unique working method: the UNILIN way. Our company culture is built on 4 strong pillars: passion, entrepreneurship, excellence and respect.


We all share the same passion for our work and for our company. We have a passion to design the most attractive products for our customers, create the best quality and offer the best service. We get our energy from innovating, installing and maintaining new technology and through continuous optimization of our processes and policies. We challenge the status quo and do more with less.


Working for UNILIN is like working for your own firm. Together we make up a team of entrepreneurs driven by the will to be successful. Working together is our motto. Everyone helps everyone.

Our holistic view on the business enables us to see the effect of our actions across the organization. We maintain responsibility when delegating,  stimulate initiative and debate with respect for everyone’s contribution.

We take reasonable, well thought out risks and adapt to changing conditions. Our decisions prioritize the long term, anticipating the future. Work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit is in our genes: anything is possible as long as we work hard according to a smart plan and invest in people and technology in a well-considered way.


We are convinced that we can make every challenge a success. With our heart and soul, we strive for perfection. We promote best practices. No matter what we do and where we do it, only the best is good enough. We constantly question ourselves and challenge why processes exist and discuss alternatives.

Our ultimate goal is to achieve excellence in everything we do. We want to have the best organization and want to be the best in every market where we are active. Speed of execution, aggressive cost controls and discipline are of fundamental importance.


Respect is the cornerstone of our policy: respect for our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and everyone we work with, respect for the environment and respect for a healthy and safe work environment.

Employees are provided the rationale for decisions. Time and time again, we look for a perfect balance of economic, social and environmental considerations whilst respecting the values and convictions of different cultures.



Unilin invests 11 million euros in its Vielsalm site (Belgium)

Unilin is strengthening its long-term anchoring in Wallonia and its confidence in the development and continued presence of its business and its employees in Vielsalm. A new, innovative laminate flooring production line will be operational in the fall of 2021 and will create a dozen new jobs.

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As an employer, UNILIN stands out as a passionate and innovative growth company. At every level, real entrepreneurs are at the heart of UNILIN's success. The company culture is characterised by investments in technology and human capital.

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