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At Unilin, sustainability is our top priority. We take responsibility for protecting our planet. But being sustainable means more. It is also about the quality of life of those who buy our products: our customers. And creating a sustainable working environment for our employees.

Transparent objectives

Through an annual sustainability report, we provide transparency on our progress, as well as the obstacles we are facing. This allows us to make adjustments where necessary. Third parties such as the Science Based Targets initiative and Cradle to Cradle® check our claims.


Download our sustainability report 2023 

Innovation as a driving force

Sustainability requires a radical transformation in our processes and our use of raw materials. At Unilin, we have seen challenges as opportunities since the outset. And that certainly remains the case today.

To ensure that the innovation we develop within the company is sustainable, we have drawn up a Sustainable Innovation Framework.

Strong together

Our company centres around innovation, entrepreneurship, passion and smart living solutions. We understand the power of collaboration and cross-pollination better than anyone else. We pool the know-how from the different divisions, in order to learn from each other.

Why we truly believe in wood

Wood is present in most of our products as it is our prime raw material but to us, wood is much more than that. It is a sustainable, future-oriented product that we handle in a very conscientious manner.

Discover how we strive to keep wood in the materials cycle as long as possible.


Want to find out more about our way forward?

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